tracciare i download in google analytics

veloce veloce, così Matteo è contento se parlo di G.A. 😉

diciamo che nel vostro blog, o sito, fornite materiale scaricabile (meglio: “cliccabile”) diverso dalle pagine. Ad esempio un pdf. per tenerne traccia in Google Analytics dovrete semplicemente trasformare un link come

  1. <a href="/ilmiodocumento.pdf">guarda il documento</a >


  1. <a href="/ilmiodocumento.pdf" onClick="javascript:urchinTracker
  2. ('pdf/ilmiodocumento.pdf');">guarda il documento </a >

Nei rapporti, tra i contenuti principali, troverete anche “pdf/ilmiodocumento.pdf”.
Facile facile… 🙂

ah, il codice va personalizzato per OGNI download che si vuole tracciare!


Ecco il classico caso in cui la realtà supera la fantasia…

3. So, is there any chance whatsoever of me getting on Big Brother 7 now?

Normally we’d say ‘no’, however there is actually a chance for one person to get a place in the House without auditioning.

Chocolate bar manufacturer
Nestle has got together with Endemol to produce some special KitKit bars, due to go on sale in late May, some of which contain golden tickets to help you get on Big Brother 7.

If you’ve seen the film ‘Willy Wonka’ you’ll be familiar with the concept. The only difference is that in the film, it was kids who got to benefit from finding a golden ticket. However, you must be over 18 to get into the Big Brother house, golden ticket or not!

For more details, please read the relevant story dated 07/05/06 in our Latest News section.